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1925 - 1949: Our Origin

In 1925, Amaro González González managed a warehouse for animal feed and cereals located next to Alicante´s main market. After his death in 1945, his son Amaro González Cortés took over the company´s leadership, and in a short period of time expanded its activities by entering the flour business. He created a transportation section, and in the years that followed opened several facilities throughout the region for pressing alfalfa and packaging hay that would be sent to the Balearic Islands as animal feed.

1950 - 1974: Reconversion

In the early 1950s, horse-drawn carts began to disappear as a means of transportation, and Amaro made the decision to leave behind the animal feed business and transform the old flour warehouse into a cold store with a capacity of 1.200 m³ that was open to the public, one of the first in Spain.

A large cold store with a capacity of 10.000 m³ was built in two phases (1959/1963) in Alicante´s fishing port with the aim of expanding the company´s business located in the city centre

Frozen fish was gaining acceptance, and for this reason, Amaro González, along with his nephew Ramón García González, began to market it on a wholesale level. To do so, a fleet of freezer trawlers based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was used. In this way, the company began to import and export seafood from other parts of the world, and in 1966 it was necessary to build the first phase of a modern cold store located in an industrial park of what was then Alicante´s outskirts. In 1974, the second phase of the warehouse´s construction was completed, and with its 51.500 m³ of cold stores, it was the largest in Spain to be built on a single level.

1975 - 1999: Consolidation

In 1979, another cold store was purchased next to its new facilities, reaching a total storage capacity of 73.000 m³, which was sixty times more the original capacity of the first cold stores and made it possible to store all types of perishable goods, frozen or refrigerated.

The Amaro González Group consolidated itself as an industry reference and opened delegations in Vigo and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

In 1984, it built one of the first butcher facilities to be approved by the C.E.E., expanding the company´s activity by processing and selling meat.

A few years later, in 1996, the company improved its food processing and packaging with two modern and versatile facilities for meat and seafood processing.

During this period, it was firmly committed to being present at international trade fairs, and as a result achieved a strong expansion thanks to strategic alliances in China, India, Morocco, Mauritania, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, and of course, the European Union.

21st Century: Present and Future

The Amaro Group is structured into four strategic divisions so it may provide its customers with the best professional service:

The Seafood Division and the Meat Division operate first-hand in international wholesale markets.

The Logistics Division provides the group´s cold store capacity in order to offer all types of services for the food industry.

The Distribution Division caters to hotels and restaurants in order to provide the best solutions.

The company has continued to grow, and if the Amaro González Group were to be defined by one thing, it would be its relentless drive for self-improvement, hard work, wide outlook, professionalism, and solid family ties that have led the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the first Amaro González to continue working for the company with the same objectives: quality, safety and professional service.



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